1. Market Wrap: Bitcoin Struggles Below $40K as Traders Digest Fed Statement

Bitcoin is under pressure as Fed taper concerns linger, although some expect crypto to remain resilient.

Bitcoin traded lower as investors unpacked Wednesday’s announcement from the U.S. Federal Reserve that it could raise interest rates by late 2023. Assets deemed to be risky like stocks and crypto also appear to be weighed down by lingering concerns that the Fed may wind down its bond-buying program sooner than expected.

1. Market Wrap: Bitcoin Declines as Fed Projects Interest Rate Rise in 2023

The U.S. central bank also increased estimates of coming inflation to 3% from the 2.2% projection in March, largely due to transitory factors.

Cryptocurrencies were mostly lower on Wednesday despite a brief 3% jump in bitcoin after the U.S. Federal Reserve maintained accommodative monetary policy.

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1. Market Wrap: Attempts to Push Bitcoin Above $40K Stall

Some analysts are optimistic while others prefer to see stronger signs of upside momentum before calling a bottom.

Bitcoin stalled for most of Monday before making another run at $40,000 as of press time. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market valueis holding support above $36,000 and remains up about 20% over the past seven days.

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1. Market Wrap: Bitcoin Sustains ‘Musk Jump’ as Crypto Sentiment Improves

Bitcoin tests $40K following positive comments from Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones.

A string of positive news kept bitcoin buyers active on Monday as analysts searched for signs of a short-term bottom. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is up about 20% over the past e seven days and is testing the $40,000 price level for the first time in two weeks.

1. Market Wrap: Bullish Basel News Causes BTC Jump to Week-High $38K Level; ETH Slips

Bitcoin busted out a quick 5% gain early Thursday on positive news from that continent before losing some steam.

Bitcoin has returned to the spotlight on positive cryptocurrency banking news out of Europe. Ether’s shine is diminishing a bit Thursday based on some volume, volatility and options data.

1. Market Wrap: Bitcoin Pops to $36.8K, Other Cryptos Higher Despite Worrying China Signals

Pessimistic news isn’t stopping the crypto spot markets from looking bullish Wednesday.

Prices of blockchain-based assets are climbing amid a fresh bout of uncertainty regarding cryptocurrency regulation and enforcement in China,

1. Market Wrap: Possible Stimulus Tapering, China Continue Fueling Big Bitcoin, Crypto Dump

Ether is providing some with hope as its momentum, in the form of volume, continues to beat bitcoin for the 10th straight day.

A double-digit cryptocurrency market capitalization drop is being attributed to a major shift to bearish sentiment. Bitcoin volumes and volatility are still lower than ether’s but Ethereum-based opportunities have analysts optimistic for the future.

1. Market Wrap: Bitcoin in Tight $35K-$36K Range; Ether Volumes Still Beating BTC

Ether’s dominance is at 19.78%, the highest it has been since May 16.

Investors are parking bitcoin in places like decentralized finance (DeFi) while excitement in trading ether continues to be elevated.

1. Crypto Long & Short: Bitcoin’s Taproot Update Shows How It’s Not Like Gold

When Bitcoin undergoes a technological shift, it’s a test of narratives that underpin the asset’s value.

Bitcoin’s strongest narrative is “digital gold.” Investors buy it not out of an expectation that it will behave like gold behaves in the market today, but that it will some day take on the historic importance that gold has held across cultures and ages.


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