All the answers you want to know about ZBG — Explained by our CEO

Omar Chen, ZBG CEO

QHow did you get into crypto?

AAfter 9 years in Huawei Oversea job careers around the world, I returned to Asia and did a start-up in the PE/VC field with friends. During that period, I found that the customer (enterprise) financing has to go through a long procedure, pre A , A, B, C and D round. The IPO journey is so long and difficult, but crypto and ICO changed the situation. So later, by chance, I entered ZB group fortunately. ZB is top crypto Group in the world and held 260 thousands BTC. ZB ecosystem has been including Mining Factory, Chipset, Exchange, Labs, Capital, Medium, Bitcoinbank, Stablecoin. I started to be familiar with various businesses as the chairman’s general secretary step by step. Now I am CEO. is the sole sub-brand that is focused in innovative coin market.

QThere are many similar exchanges. As a newcomer, how will ZBG differentiate itself?

AZBG.COM aims at building an innovation platform on the foundation of ZB.COM official team who has platform operation experience gained in over 5 years and has achieved daily transaction fees of billions of USD. ZBG aims at becoming a key player and rapid global trading platform with ZB’s technical support. Also, we have mobile apps to allow existing customers to trade with a few taps of their thumb and get the benefit of ZBG anywhere, anytime and with a high-fidelity native app trading experience.

QThe exchange space is getting highly competitive; do you see trans-fee mining as a threat to your business model or do you see it as damaging to the ecosystem?

AThe nature of trans-fee mining models, which incentivize early adopters, often using referral schemes had been popular in early a few months. I don’t think it as damaging to the ecosystem. It looks like a testbed or a trial in crypto field. ZBG was born in that moment but ZBG is innovative to face the challenge for the trans-fee mining. ZBG token is deflation, burned every week and not allow for trans-fee mining reimbursement system volume jump. Our reimbursement depends on more end users to join in to provide the order book and liquidity.

QHow much is your exchange’s 24 hours volume?

AZBG’s 24 hours volume is about 200 Million USD. But with more and more coins to be listed in ZBG, the volume will be growing up soon.

QHow many users does ZBG have?

AZBG launch the Beta Version on 24 July 2018, there are about 1 million registered subscribers. Daily active subscribers are 40k.

QWhat fees does ZBG charge?

AZBG charges a 0.1% fee for every trade on our Exchange. The fee is automatically calculated and displayed in the ‘Service Fees’ after you confirm the order. Each cryptocurrency coin listed on ZBG has different fee for Withdrawals.

QCoin listings — what is your process for vetting coins, and is it transparent and open? is vetting coins by the community with transparent and open mechanism. Our Coin Listing process is following:

You could submit the application on the website with referrals, we named them innovative nodes. will check the application documents such as the whitepaper, Github codes, Fund certificate and the project team contact, Community member number, etc. We will show the waiting list in the website. The score weighting rules for ranking are: risk security deposit fee (risk margin) 40%, global transaction volume 15%, ZT amount held by recommenders 30%, and deposited ZBG assessment scores 15%. All the indicators above are relative to the corresponding ones in this publicity. If subscribers have any comments, they can make a complaint and describe the reason for the complaint. We accept their supervision to jointly enable the platform to select the outstanding cryptocurrency onto ZBG market.

QWhat is your biggest accomplishment to date?

AZBG is growing up and within 3 months reach CoinMarketCap Top 10 with about 1 million subscribers. Thanks for our day and night team work without weekends in the past months.

QWhat motivates you?

AFor the motivation, I tell you the story and my experience. I worked and traveled about twenty courtiers from Europe to Middle East, from Africa to South Asia, and stayed in Syria, Yemen, Sudan etc. that countries are at war. I also have gone cross Sahara Desert. The world you touch more, you love more. I believe the Blockchain and crypto will make the world better. I am nearly 40 years old, but I am feeling motivated while I am working with our team. It is my honor to work with ZBG team, who spend all night to catch up on the progress of development projects, who arrange operation plans sleepless, who keep customer-centric in the mind and response fast to clients.

I believe that ZBG team will make the brilliant future and keep on top 10 in crypto world, with our vision “ link to future value!”

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates about ZBG.

Telegram CH, Telegram EN, Twitter, Vk, Facebook

Link to future value!

ZBG Team

November 15, 2018




Launched in 2018, ZBG is a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, a subsidiary of ZB.COM. ZBG is focused on providing a trading platform for new and innovative tokens

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Launched in 2018, ZBG is a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, a subsidiary of ZB.COM. ZBG is focused on providing a trading platform for new and innovative tokens

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