Announcement on Connecting ZBG Token(ZT) to Huobi Eco Chain (Heco) as a Cross-chain Asset

To All Project Initiators and Investors Caring for ZBG.COM,

In order to expand more diversified ecological scenarios of ZBG platform token, ZBG Token (ZT) has officially connected to Huobi Eco Chain (Heco), and ZBG has reached in-depth cooperation with Huobi Eco Chain (HECO):

1. Huobi Global and ZBG platform will provide deposit & withdrawal access to ZT and Heco to optimize the user experience.

2. As a DeFi asset on Heco, ZT will open up DEX trading, staking & lending, liquidity mining and other scenarios in Heco.

3. ZBG will open HT trading and launch Heco Asset Zone, and will launch more Heco quality-assets later to support the Eco development of its technology projects.

【HECO Introduction】: Huobi Eco Chain, abbreviated as HECO, is a decentralized, high-efficiency and energy-saving public chain and

the first product launched on the Huobi Platform, which enables smart contract compatibility on the basis of supporting high-performance trading.

【ZT Introduction】

ZT is the only token of the ZBG platform. The total amount is constant at 500 million and will never be increased. ZT will be applied to multiple application scenarios of the ZT ecology in the future, and holders can enjoy the corresponding rights and interests of the ZT ecology.

ERC20 Smart Contract (new):

Total Issuance: 450 million

Heco Smart Contract:

Total Issuance: 50 million

【ZT Application Scenario 】

1. DeFi ecology

Support DEX trading, staking & lending, liquidity mining and other DeFi ecological scenarios

2. Handling Fee deduction

Use ZT to offset trading fees. The higher the VIP level, the higher the ZT deduction discount. For details, please see: or =1817434696

3. Vote for listing

ZT holders have the right to vote for listing

4. ZBG-SuperLaunchpad

①Part of ZBG-SuperLaunchpad events, you need to hold ZT before you can subscribe

②Part of the subscription area, holding a certain number of ZT users can enjoy multiple bonuses

③Some new projects open ZT subscription area, ZBG users can use ZT to subscribe

5. ZBG-Seed

For some ZBG-SuperLaunchpad events, you need to hold ZT to get whitelist access for subscription

6. OTC Merchant Margin

ZBG OTC ordinary merchants and certified merchants need to freeze a certain amount of ZT as a merchant margin

7. Discount on listing fee

The platform taken(ZT) can be used to pay the listing fee and enjoy a certain percentage (10%-20%) discount.

8. Holders of ≥ 2 million ZT can enjoy VIP.5 rights

VIP.5 can enjoy a higher percentage of handling fee discounts, and can also enjoy Seed, SuperLaunchpad subscription whitelist rights and interests

*(More details are subject to the official announcement of ZBG)


Since it’s an innovative investment product, the price of digital asset fluctuates widely. As a neutral trading platform, ZBG is founded to provide convenience for digital asset enthusiasts only, and won’t assume any guarantee or compensation for the investment value of digital asset. Please make a rational judgment on your ability to invest and take cautious investment decisions.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our client service.

ZBG Official English Group(Telegram):

ZBG Global Official Chinese Group (Telegram):

ZBG Official Bangladesh Group (Telegram):


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ZBG Team

March 30, 2021

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