Swarm(BZZ) Will Be Listed on ZBG

To All Project Initiators and Investors Caring for ZBG.COM,

ZBG.com will list new token Swarm(BZZ) on June 3, 2021. The specific is as follows:

1、Open BZZ/USDT trading at 16:00 on June 3, 2021 (UTC+8).

2、The deposits and withdrawals of BZZ will be enabled once the Swarm mainnet is working. The specific time will be noticed via announcement.

Please Note:

1、Due to the Swarm mainnet isn’t official launched yet, the deposits and withdrawals of BZZ are not available.

2、The BZZ listed on ZBG.com is the IOU token of BZZ, we will redeem the BZZ IOU tokens and BZZ mainnet assets held by our users after the circulation of the BZZ, and support the deposits and withdrawals of BZZ. The specific time will be noticed via announcement.

3、The BZZ listed on ZBG.com is the IOU token of BZZ and the initial price may fluctuate dramatically. Investment involves risk, please invest with caution.

More Information:

Token Name:Swarm(BZZ)

Total Issuance:62,500,000



Swarm is a system of peer-to-peer networked nodes that create a decentralised storage and communication service. The system is economically self-sustaining due to a built-in incentive system enforced through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.


Since it’s an innovative investment product, the price of digital asset fluctuates widely. As a neutral trading platform, ZBG is founded to provide convenience for digital asset enthusiasts only, and won’t assume any guarantee or compensation for the investment value of digital asset. Please make a rational judgment on your ability to invest and take cautious investment decisions.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our client service.

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ZBG Team

June 3, 2021

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