ZBG Anniversary Review

5 min readJul 22, 2019

A letter from ZBG CEO Omar Chen to our friends and community

Dear ZBG followers :

Today is 2019 July, 21th, ZBG first anniversary.

Great changes have taken place in this industry in the past year. Time flies, the road ahead is twists and turns, all we can do is seize this fleeting time.

In July 2018, numerous crypto exchanges had started up their business with Transaction Mining Model and joined into the fierce competition, nevertheless, most of them did not survive or never even to be listed on Coinmarketcap.

A series of security incidents have taken place in many crypto exchanges around the world.

Global capital is experiencing a period of economic adjustment and various businesses are shrinking.

Regulatory uncertainty in many regions, some Yes but some No.

During this period, crypto prices took a heavy hit, and just now the market is warming up.

ZBG was born in a bear market, which doomed us to embark on a bumpy road. Our vision is Link to Future Value. With dreams in mind, we hope to serve the young industry as well as a diligent striver. On the first open day, we were criticized due to the complicated mining rules. Our target is to outperform Binance at the beginning, however, the ideal is plump and the reality is bony.

Anyways, thanks to all ZBG followers who always stay with us, and also express sincere respect for those who have left. Fortunately, ZBG is the only one surviving in the wrong mining pattern but still reach top 10. Maybe it’s because we are good at learning from criticism.

Perhaps we are not the best one, but we should be the most hard-working one.

At present, ZBG has more than 1,5 million registered users and 210 thousand daily active users from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, United States, and more.; providing high-quality trading services for global digital currency investors. Our customer service team has handled about 650 thousand online support requests. We serve users from 7 language regions (Japanese, Korean, CIS, English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Turkish). And we will continue to make new strides in the global market.

During this year, we continued to stabilize in the international market.

  • We attended the Davos Forum to judge the world economic situation;
  • We visited the Maltese government to follow up the latest compliance progress;
  • We sponsored the fight contest in KBS TV in Korea to publicize youth charity, so as to grow stubbornly in the bear market. The number of active users has increased to more than 10K per day.
Q2 2019 CoinGecko Report: https://assets.coingecko.com/reports/2019-Q2-Report/CoinGecko-2019-Q2-Report.pdf

Around ZT Mall, we continue to develop ZT (ZBG coin) usage scenarios, carry out various kinds of tokenization economic attempts, we provide online purchase service for high-end water (ETH water), Cambodian real estate, Korean Hard Wallet promotion, Africa-Asia Pacific diplomatic privileges donation and so on to promote the blockchain globally.

In terms of security, we rely on six years of ZB system with accumulated rich technology strength and good management. We have successfully withstood a series of DDOS attacks from competitors and hackers and safeguarded customer assets steadfastly.

Strategically, I boldly believe that the decentralized exchanges in the current two years are pseudo-demand, the exchanges only focusing on providing the service firstly can survive.

We do have made real progress but there is still a gap with Binance.

Just a few days ago, Miss Heyi from Binance posted pictures on her microblog showing that Binance ranks №1, while ZBG is №11.

After we examine ourselves clearly, our position will be more clear. We will adjust our plan and strive for the next step to enter the top 5 in one year.

1. We will abandon the historical burden of transaction-mining and vigorously to develop the global community.

2. We will continue to expand our advantages and strengthen local 2B services globally.

3. We will invest more in brand publicity, provide more news to media, we won’t be just silently doing R&D.

4. We will strictly control project channels, the crackdown on counterfeit ZBG staff, and avoid brand abusing.

5. We will open enterprise-level customer service and key customer service to provide more convenient KYC access.

Thanks for the ZBG team’s hard work with quick response and problem-solving skills.

Thanks to all of our users, partners, ambassadors, friends, followers, group participants for supporting us.

Best Regard,

Omar Chen,

CEO of ZBG Exchange

July 21, 2019




Launched in 2018, ZBG is a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, a subsidiary of ZB.COM. ZBG is focused on providing a trading platform for new and innovative tokens