ZBG Futures launches the first round of the RiskHedge Index Contract Simulation Trading Competition, in which winners can be rewarded up to 500 USDT

  1. During the activity, RiskHedge Index(RHI/ZUSD) simulated perpetual contracts trading competition will set up a revenue ranking, and the top 50 users who rank in the cumulative revenue list will receive the following rewards:
  1. ZUSD is equivalent to USDT. ZUSD is only used for simulated trading experience of ZBG contract, and we do not support ZUSD withdrawal;
  2. Income calculation: current asset snapshot -(Deposit — withdrawal)- start time asset snapshot; Rate of return calculation: (current asset snapshot -(Deposit — withdrawal)- start time asset snapshot)/start time asset snapshot +(Deposit — withdrawal);
  3. The USDT prize in the activity is the contract trading bonus, you can use it as principle in contract trading or to deduct the trading fee, please refer to ZBG welfare Center;
  4. In order to ensure the fairness and rationality of the competition, any illegal means to swipe the profits or register accounts in bulk will be regarded as cheating, and the accounts that seriously violate the trading rules of ZBG will also be frozen;
  5. Participating in RHI/ZUSD trading is expected to participate in the activity, and the ZUSD income of other ZUSD trading pairs will not be counted in this activity ranking. And participating users must have at least 2 transactions per day, otherwise they cannot participate in the awards. (Note: The buying and selling transaction is regarded as a complete transaction, only the buying or selling transaction cannot be regarded as a complete transaction);
  6. If the profit and loss ranking is the same, we will calculate the ranking according to the cumulative turnover;
  7. Activity rewards are based on the snapshot time of the simulation competition(15:00, October,11,2020–15:00, October,21,2020 HKT);
  8. Rewards will be distributed to winners within 10 working days after the end of the event;
  9. The sub-account cannot be used to participate in the above activities;
  10. ZBG reserves the right to interpret the event.



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Launched in 2018, ZBG is a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, a subsidiary of ZB.COM. ZBG is focused on providing a trading platform for new and innovative tokens